Case Study: Nektan brand development and white label work

I initially started working on three bespoke brands for Nektan gaming: Spin Princess, Sapphire Rooms, and Chomp Casino.

Brand Development and Customer Retention

The bespoke brands I was working on for Nektan gaming had different customer segments and targets. Spin Princess positioned itself as a ‘women’s casino brand’, Sapphire Rooms positioned itself as a luxury, VIP casino brand, and Chomp Casino was a more accessible, ‘no-frills’ casino experience, with tongue-in-cheek email and SMS communications.

As such, I had to take on different tones of voice for each brand and generate different content for each brand’s promotional campaigns. I reworked and updated the email and SMS customer journeys to reflect updated customer wants and interests. For the email and SMS communications, I worked on Silverpop IBM and used Microsoft Expression to build templates.

White Labels

As I had successfully, continually delivered for the three bespoke Nektan brands, I was given the opportunity to manage one of my existing bespoke brands, and take on white label communications for the company.

Looking after White Label communications allowed me to develop my coding skills and work ‘smarter’ rather than harder, managing the mass communications through templates with relational tables as well as dynamic content.

Building out multiple customer journeys automatically triggered by customer behaviour was required for both the bespoke brands and White Labels. The combination of weekly promotional campaigns and the brands’ customer journeys was paramount in developing these brands in the industry and for customer retention.

New Brand Launch

In addition to working on bespoke brands and White Labels, I was tasked with developing the brand strategy with other departments, of a brand new online casino.

The new brand I was launching was ‘Jackpot Strike’ – collaborating on this from creation to launch was an exciting project and challenge. I established the tone of voice for email communications with the Business Development Director and the content team at ActiveWin Media,  I directed the design team on new brand assets for email templates and we came together as a collective to decide where this brand would position itself within the online gaming industry.