Case study: P+A Group brand awareness and 360 marketing

Upon joining the company, it was clear that there was a lack of joined-up, 360 marketing, and that the marketing team, which was made up of highly skilled individuals, was working in isolation from one another and was reactionary in their marketing efforts. The manager was desperate to establish 360 marketing and advanced planning.

Implementing 360 marketing

The marketing team was made up of young, skilled professionals and so implementing 360 campaigns and new processes and organisation tools were all that was needed.

The teams’ introduction of a campaign cover sheet and the creation of planned, collaborative campaigns improved the output of the marketing efforts and allowed the team to hit deadlines. The team had an existing rolling job list and GANTT charts, so, to supplement this, I created a marketing roadmap as well as an annual delivery/print deadline roadmap.

Finally, rolling out processes to ensure the way we worked for one division, was the way we worked for every division allowed us to work ‘smarter’ and to evaluate the time we spent on each division and whether this was correct and financially viable. This meant creating social content calendars for all divisions, as this was only happening for one, reporting on all campaigns across all divisions, writing press releases for more than just one division, and ensuring that all Division Heads filled out creative briefs and worked to SLAs.

I used MyCoverageBook to showcase the success of my PR and print advertising efforts and I used Raventools to report on digital and campaign work.

Brand awareness

An existing graphic designer at the company had recently created a complete rebrand for the Garden Centre arm of the business. This tasteful redesign removed the garden centre from association with ‘chain’ garden centres and positioned it as an independent, local, high-quality garden centre.

As the garden centre had been rebranded, the name had changed, and locals did not associate the new name and branding with the old brand garden centre. It was my job, then, to extend this rebrand onto the web and in print advertising in order to establish the new brand garden centre within the local area.

I did this by focusing marketing efforts on creating printed adverts and a garden centre booklet in collaboration with the designer. I positioned the grade centre as high quality and specialist by focusing the booklet on the giftshop’s high-end jewellery and one-off pieces, and with the extension of the garden centre to add local, fresh, homecooked meals from the café. This was to emphasise the high-quality gifts within the gift shop and the meals in the café as well as creating content on the origins and brands of the plants on offer, as well as the stock from high end and reputable brands within the gardening industry.

The way in which I tackled the problem of locals not identifying the new brand and newly named garden centre with the old one, was through paid social campaigns with location and advertising in local magazines, as well as creating rinse campaigns from the main corporate social account to say ‘this our garden centre, come and visit us’ all marketing efforts included either a map or an address. The combined print and digital campaign was almost a ‘second launch’ of the garden centre.